If you are looking to build a house, you really need to check out Riko Passive Homes. What you will get is more than a house – you will get a home. Richard’s attention to detail and responsiveness is outstanding. Beyond that, he looks for ways to make his houses just different enough to be refreshing yet nothing that is a fad to make it difficult to sell down the road. He is fair and transparent in his pricing and fees and takes the time to really understand what you are looking for. Beyond the house we wanted an amazing outdoor space and he came up with a plan that maximizes our space so we can enjoy the outdoors.

If you are looking for a builder, call him. He will answer the phone – you can’t say that about all builders!

Tanya Thompson O’Brien  (03/14/2016)


I highly recommend RIKO as a contractor. I wanted a high-end custom home and he went above and beyond to make sure I got every item from my wish list with no questions asked. He is fair, patient and extremely reliable. His trades are the best in the business, and the proof is in the quality of the final product. We get so many compliments on our house and it’s thanks to Riko and his ability to listen to our requests and follow through with each detail whether big (adding 6 more feet to my living room), or small (making sure I get my custom ordered doorbell). His prices are better than other contractors as well. He builds top of the line houses without the crazy mark ups. The service we received after the fact is also unheard of in the industry. He really does go above and beyond (he even randomly plowed our driveway during a few bad storms!!) He is very trustworthy and I would recommend him to anyone considering building the house of their dreams.

Julie Malenfant  (03/10/2016)


Superb quality and incredible service! You can’t beat getting professional grade work with such a personable contractor. The post build support is worth noting too; I walked away with my dream house and a sense of security. 5 stars – no doubt.

Alex Hahn  (03/10/2016)


My first home was a Semi-Detached by Riko Passive Homes. I loved it so much that when it came time to upgrade to a bigger home, there were no doubts that I would be relying on Richard and his attention to detail and outstanding customer service!

His professional advice and patience (I was a single mom building a house… I had ALOT of questions) helped transform my dreams and unique needs into a beautiful place that I’m now happy to call home. 
I highly recommend Riko Passive Homes!!

Cindy O’Donnell (03/04/2016)


I had a great experience building a house with Richard Leblanc and his team from Riko Passive Homes. I knew exactly what I wanted. I simply gave him a picture of a modern one level home that I had seen on a website and asked him to build it for me. I also designed the inside plan and he and his team helped make adjustments to the measurements in order to ensure I had exactly what I wanted. I have to say that I was extremely satisfied when I saw the final product. The house turned out to be exactly what I wanted and I love it!! I would recommend anyone who is building to build with Riko Passive Homes.

Pascale Thibodeau  (01/11/2016)


Riko Passive Homes built our first home totally to what we have designed and wished for. We love our new house. It was an amazing experience for us to see our home being built and how Riko Passive Homes really cared about building the house, focus on every details and doing a good job. Richard Leblanc and his team were very conscientious, friendly, responsible and took pride in their work. We could see the quality and high standard they produced in building our house. Riko Passive Homes went over and above their responsibility to ensure the house is built to our total satisfaction.

Our house was built on time and to our total satisfaction. We definitely recommend Riko Passive Homes and if ever we decide to have another house, it will be built by Riko Passive Homes.

BC & SWT  (06/18/2015)


Richard Leblanc and his team did an excellent job building our semi-detached. This being our first house, he was very helpful in addressing all our questions and concerns during the construction. The house was built on time, with a high level of attention to details and good quality materials. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Frederic Paillard  (03/1/2012)


I had a great experience buying a new house built by RIKO Passive Homes.

Buying any house is a lot of stress and buying a new house can sometimes be very challenging. From the very first day I saw Riko’s construction, I was very impressed by the quality of the house. The house was perfect for me and the kids.

Thanks to Richard, my experience was smooth, painless and happy. The house was outstanding. No cheap materials and poor craftsmanship, and with all details thought out and executed with the highest quality, I was very impressed and pleased. We’ve been occupying the house for almost a year now without any problems.

The family is very comfortable and content. Thanks to RIKO!

Sylvie Morin  (02/25/2012)


After renting for years, we finally decided it was time to buy a place of our own so we started looking around at some of the different builders in the area and quickly realized that the quality and craftsmanship of Riko Passive Homes. was second to none. We fell in love with our home the second we walked through the door.

What made the experience incomparable was the personal attention from Richard and his team. All of our questions and concerns were given immediate attention and we always felt like we were their number one priority.

Without question, we highly recommend Riko Passive Homes. to anyone thinking of building or buying a new home.

Aaron Smith and Tracey Thompson Smith  (02/13/2012)


Without hesitation, we recommend to anyone Mr. Richard LeBlanc’s work. The finishing touch of his houses is really impeccable. He is a reliable contractor, always available no matter the question. On top of being a very honest person, he stays in contact with the buyers and provides support during the whole process.

He ensures that his finished product is immaculate and that the new homeowners are entirely satisfied with their new house. Even after moving into our house, he stayed in contact with us, answering any questions we had, helping us with references, etc. He was always there to help.

In conclusion, we recommend without hesitation the professionalism and helpfulness of Mr. Richard LeBlanc.

Gaétane St-Laurent and Michel Royer  (02/13/2012)