Turn Key:

For a hassle free solution, the turnkey option is ideal for you!  With this package, you have a price of the total cost at the very beginning and Riko Passive Homes is committed to respect the budget.

RIKO Passive Homes takes care of everything from buying the land, applying for permits, managing subs and ensuring everything goes on schedule. It also includes builders insurance and home warranty. We manage everything up until giving the keys to the new proud owners on closing.

Our work continues even after you move in.  Once the project is completed, we will contact you 3 months and 12 month after closing. To guarantee that you are happy in your new home, we ask that you keep an updated list of items that need our attention and we do the repair. Since we have experience in construction, we even go beyond your list. We will check the entire house to ensure that everything works properly.  The after-sales service is very important to us! You can contact us any time, it will be our pleasure to satisfy your needs!

To ensure that we build the perfect home for you, you can choose from plans on file or if you prefer a custom home, we can do a personalized plan with our architect. You have the option to choose everything including roofing, siding, windows, doors, paint colors, cabinets, trim, flooring, plumbing, electrical fixtures, etc. To make it easier for you, we will provide you with a detailed list of choices that you need to decide on, along with a timeline to choose these, as the house is progressing.


Project Management:

For a more hands on involved approach this would be your choice. You would have your own plan in hands and a lot purchased. However, you can get our help to carry out these tasks. By participating more actively in the management of your project, you have full control of your finances and are responsible for paying subs as we go. You are responsible for cost over runs, insurance, and warranty.

RIKO Passive Homes is responsible for pricing the job, managing the subcontractors and ensuring all is done on time and with quality! As per the turnkey option, RIKO Passive Homes will provide a list of decisions to make and we price out the job for you.

For more information about our company and services, please contact us today at (506) 531-5056.