Choosing the Right Home Builder

1. Quality of the work – Visiting previously built houses or houses for sale by the builder will give you a good perspective on the quality and attention to detail of a builder.

2. Reputation – What people say about the builder tells a lot about his work.

3. Good working relationship with the builder – Feeling comfortable with the person you are hiring to build your home is important. Will you be dealing with multiple individuals or departments or will you be dealing with the same person for pre-sale, during construction and after sale? How accommodating will your builder be to changes?

4. Site visits – Will your builder be regularly visiting the site? Correctly managing subcontractors, locking doors at night, cleaning between trades? These are all factors that contribute to the quality of the end product.

5. Easily accessible – How easy will it be to reach your builder during and after construction? Does he promptly reply to messages? How often than not do you get him when you try to call him? How many projects are being built during any given time? How much attention and priority will your project have?


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